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Name:Brett Wyatt Jennings
Birthdate:Jun 21
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Brett Wyatt Jennings is the second youngest child of Heather and Joe Jennings, and born and raised in Dobbs Ferry, New York. He is one third of a triplet set with two older sisters, Sally, who is 11 minutes older than him, and Lila, who is 9 minutes older than him. Following them is Zed, who is two years younger than the triplets, and came to their family as a foster child. He, Sally and Lila were in their first year of college when Zed arrived, and as far as they were all concerned, he was their brother in every way but blood. Zed was a bit messed up when he arrived to live with them, having come from an abusive family who wouldn't give up their parental rights to him so Brett's parents could never adopt him. It didn't matter. Despite the tough start Zed had adjusting to the new family environment, he soon knew they all cared about him unconditionally.

Brett was a typical boy growing up with two older sisters. Even though they were close, he would annoy the hell out of them any chance he got, and that never changed as they grew older. He was a prankster, liked a laugh, and his partner in crime was Richie, the son of their mom's best friend, Karla. Karla was like an aunt to the triplets, and Richie like a cousin/brother. The boys would often team up on the girls and wreak havoc on them, both the sort of lads who were always brimming with energy and on the go, getting into mischief. The two families were incredibly close, spending a lot of time together and the kids all going to the same schools. Even after high school was done, Brett and Richie both went on to Harvard together.

Where Richie followed in the footsteps of a long line of doctors in his family and went to Harvard Med School, Brett was accepted into Psychology and has gone on to work towards his Masters in Clinical Psychology. It was cool having his partner in crime in college together, and while they were there, they met Callum MacDonald, a Film Studies student who was also a multiple with an identical twin. Brett and Callum ended up entering into a 'friends with benefits' arrangement, though neither of them were interested in dating. College life was too fun to settle down, and they all did things in a large group of friends as opposed to coupling off.

Now Brett is in the final stages of his Masters, and has been commuting to Boston with Callum from New York. It wasn't long after Callum moved to the City to be with his twin and his sister that Brett decided to do the same. It as better to have a travel buddy and he was happier near his family. Brett's an asthmatic, which he struggled with a lot when he was younger, often landing in hospital on ventilators when he struggled with his breathing. He takes medication daily for it and has to unfortunately rely on an inhaler at times. He and Richie made quite the pair when Richie was soon diagnosed with hemophilia. They lamented their health woes together frequently.

Brett is currently single, but he's open to the idea of a relationship if the right person comes along. Especially since Richie was recently rather spectacularly plucked off the bachelor market by billionaire movie producer, Adrian Hewitt. Richie makes it look good, though all the triplets have certainly been unlucky in love. Despite the seriousness of his work, Brett is still a jokester and likes to have fun. He'll never grow out of that, because he has made it his life's ambition to never let his sisters forget they forever have an annoying little brother.

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